10 questions with Hannah White – Client Manager at Ceuta Group

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It’s time to take a look behind the scenes and get our perspective on what’s going on in the Health & Wellness industry. In this 5-minute video, Hannah White, Client Manager at Ceuta Group, discusses the top questions on everyone’s mind at the moment.

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“With the challenging market we’re in today, everyone’s been very focused on price and I think there’s room now to bring new product development (NPD) back into stores and provide a point of difference. There are some really exciting developments going on in healthcare at the moment.”

Hannah White, Client Manager

Please start by introducing yourself.

Hi, I’m Hannah White. I work as a Client Manager at Ceuta Healthcare, which is part of the wider Ceuta Group.

1 – What’s been the biggest change in the healthcare industry in the last 5 years?

There have been some really unique pressures that we’ve seen not only across healthcare, but generally across the market, the pandemic, of course, starting that process off. Consumers are much more conscious of their health and wellness needs, which has swayed everything in an interesting way.

2 – What’s disrupting the industry right now?

The cost of living crisis and inflationary pressures. Whilst it’s reducing – or has been reducing the last few weeks – it’s still top of mind for consumers. Retailers are are committed to price promises and suppliers are having to achieve that.

3 – What do you enjoy the most about growing your clients’ brands?

Within the mixed portfolio that I have of clients and brands, one of those being P&G, there is a mixture of wants and needs for brands. We might be developing marketing strategies or campaigns; we might be looking at in-market execution; and we might also be developing some of the branding, so it’s a really good mix.

4 – What do you enjoy most about your role?

I’m quite a creative person.  I like to add creative flair to my work. I prefer to look more down the branding side of things, bringing the branding to a vision and bringing it then to consumers and stores, so all of those activation pieces are really exciting.

5 – Are there any trends making waves in the Health & Wellness market right now?

I won’t provide a personal preference here, but I think with the challenging market we’re in today, everyone’s been very focused on price and I think there’s room now to to bring new product development (NPD) back into stores and to provide a point of difference. There’s some really exciting developments going on in healthcare at the moment.

6 – For brands looking to launch in the UK, what are the 3 key elements to success?

  1. The first will always be market insight. It’s really crucial that you understand the market that you’re looking to launch in and the consumer base that you’re looking to target.
  2. Second to that will be about brand launch and the marketing strategy that will support that, along with any assets that you will need to create.
  3. Thirdly will be that execution. So who is your target consumer? Where are you looking to position the brand in the UK market?
“The first element to a brand’s success in the UK will always be market insight. It’s crucial that you understand the market you’re looking to launch in and the consumer base you’re looking to target.”

Hannah White, Client Manager

7 – What’s the most common challenge you get from clients looking to launch in the UK?

Successful brands that have worked in other markets will kind of have a foresight of bringing it to the UK, hoping to replicate what they may have done elsewhere. The UK market will always be very different to others. There are certain things you can tribute to to the US or Australia, for example, but certainly, the understanding of the consumer and how we shop here is is crucial.

8 – Why is it so important to understand your Health & Wellness category when launching in the UK?

Shoppers will shop in very different ways. There’s a number of different retail formats and so depending on who your target group is and what your target channel will be, understanding the depth of the category, the space on shelf, any cross categorisation opportunities, and that kind of consumer path when they’re in a store will shape your retail and marketing strategy. For example, are you really visible or are you in the back corner and need to look at a secondary site?

9 – What do you foresee being the biggest changes in the Health & Wellness market in the next 5 years?

I think personalisation is a key topic at the moment, with consumers being more aware of their healthcare needs. I think there are also some really interesting developments happening in digital targeting and the metaverse and trying to reach new consumers through different mediums. There’s a lot of new activations we’re starting to see. In retail, we’ve seen digital barkers, for example, and things like that coming through. So it’s all very exciting how tech’s kind of building brand marketing plans.

10 – At Ceuta, we’re all about Health & Wellness. How do you stay on top of your own heath and wellbeing?

I’m currently doing a gruelling boot camp three days a week, which is definitely taking some of my energy, but it’s really good fun and I do love to enjoy a lot of space outside and walking the dog and and things like that.

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A key point to take away from our interview with Hannah is that a robust market, consumer, and category understanding, a strong brand design and identity, and a powerful omnichannel sales and marketing strategy are indispensible for success.

Health & Wellness brand owners should also be poised for some big shifts in the industry. Changes are on the horizon as brands, retailers, and consumers rethink how they approach health and wellbeing categories. This could mean everything from innovative NPD and personalised product ranges to advanced digital communication strategies and retail solutions.

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