ESG at Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business

ESG is embedded in every element of our business. We are invested in following our unique ESG model, which we have outlined below.

As a reminder, everything is risk-based. Some things that are low risk for Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, may be different for other companies.

Environmental (E)

Climate Stability
Natural Resources
Waste Management
Energy Innovation

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, sees climate change as a global interconnected challenge that everyone must adapt to.

‍We are always mindful of the risks associated with the impacts of climate change, including severe weather events and environmental changes, as well as the transition risks posed by the policy and technological changes necessary to achieve a greener economy.

At Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, we don’t have large carbon footprints. In all business operations, including travel, we prioritise sustainability by opting for greener alternatives to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Our planet is facing unprecedented risks and damage to its natural resources.

Businesses must make more effort to contribute to environmental conservation and foster a culture of environmental stewardship.

‍Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, is implementing green initiatives, such as reducing travel and using electric vehicles. We are also committed to minimising the use of single-use plastics, paper, and non-recyclable materials.


Waste Management refers to the practice of collecting, transporting, processing, disposing of, managing, and monitoring various waste materials.

To support the preservation of the environment, waste should be managed as efficiently as possible, minimising its impacts on the environment, human health, and future generations.

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, does not produce much waste. We are focusing on increasing recycling and reusing natural materials and minimising waste and natural resources consumption.


The clean energy innovation movement started years ago, and it's growing.

Although most of our operations are in shared offices or from home, we are committed to minimising energy use wherever possible.


Social (S)

Data Privacy
Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
Human Rights and Modern Slavery
Health & Safety

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, supports local and national charitable initiatives and community projects and we're building a strategy to develop the support we can offer.

Our CEO, Edwin Bessant, is a Patron of The Prince’s Trust, and we actively support young entrepreneurs via their Enterprise Programme. We’re also supporting Dementia UK, and work with Dorset Mind to provide Mental Health Awareness training for our teams.

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, strongly supports ESG and will continue to raise awareness of the ESG cause, making the corporate world more responsible. It is simply the right thing to do.


A major part of our data protection strategy is ensuring that all stakeholder data is protected, and that the data can be restored quickly after any corruption or loss.

Protecting data from compromise and ensuring data privacy are other key components of our business operations.

Currently, the focus is on internal capability building in our peoples, processes, and platforms to ensure that we can meet our obligations as an ethical business.

We are exploring the use of ISO;27001 as a framework to ensure accountability and transparency.


Diversity and inclusion are imperative for a healthy society and world development. Similarly, a strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy is vital for a healthy business.

Diversity within Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, cultivates divergent thinking, enabling us to always think outside the box and provide the best advice, services, and solutions for our clients. We are reviewing our recruitment strategy to ensure we can attract candidates that will increase the diversity of our businesses.


Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, has a zero-tolerance for modern-day slavery, forced labour or human trafficking in any part of our business or supply chain.

We have found this to be a very low risk for our business, and we constantly monitor the situation to ensure it remains as such.

At Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, we progressively devise ways to develop and monitor our supply chain. We are committed to implementing a programme of controls that reduces the risk of Modern Slavery. We are also conducting a value-chain analysis by evaluating the detailed procedures involved in each step of our business.


We are committed to ensuring that our people remain both physically and mentally healthy.

Upon a risk assessment, we have found that mental health is likely to be our largest risk. To minimise this, we are cultivating an environment of open engagement, dialogue, support, and respect for people and their mental health requirements, with a focus on protecting our people, workplace productivity, and morale.

We are currently honing our People and Culture Strategy and investigating new ways to help all our people feel supported.

We are exploring the use of ISO;45001 as a framework to ensure accountability and transparency.


Governance (G)

Corporate Governance
Bribery and Corruption
Risk Management
Ethics and Integrity

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, is focusing on board effectiveness by ensuring its members are provided with information and data to allow better decision making.

As Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, grows, we will consider expanding the Board to promote diversity and talent, but it is not our current focus. We will keep reviewing it as part of our annual risk assessment into our ESG risks.

A diverse team of professionals sit working and talking at a desk

Compliance is the process of ensuring all employees follow company and industry laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices.

‍The compliance process at Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, is ongoing. Its purpose is to grow and protect our business, helping us avoid waste, fraud, abuse, discrimination, and other practices that disrupt operations and put our company at risk.

We are developing our corporate compliance programme and integrating it with all compliance efforts company-wide, from managing external regulations and internal policies to comprehensive employee training.

We are exploring the use of ISO;37301 as a framework to ensure accountability and transparency.


Corporate governance creates rules and practices that decie how a company operates and aligns with its stakeholders' interests.

Good corporate governance leads to ethical business practices, including accountability, transparency, fairness, and responsibility, which result in financial viability.

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, is focusing on improving its governance through enhancing its controls, systems, delegated authority, policies, and procedures. Our governance model will continue to grow with the company.

We are exploring the ISO;3700 as a framework to ensure accountability and transparency.


Corruption is a very low risk within Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business.

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, does not engage with Government officials, is not highly regulated, and never deals in cash or cash equivalents. We do not currently sell products to Government departments.

‍Moreover, we do not give expensive gifts, engage in lavish entertainment, or pay for travel for customers. We are currently reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure that we are transparent.

We are exploring the ISO;37001 as a framework to ensure accountability and transparency.


Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, actively and proactively manages its risks.

We are concentrating on minimising the potential adverse impacts of risk and optimising our opportunities. Our risk management promotes job safety, success, and financial benefits, whilst reducing the occurrence of unexpected events.

We are currently implementing a risk management framework that supports our risk strategy, and will continue to develop internal competence and reporting.

We are exploring the ISO;31000 as a framework to ensure accountability and transparency.


Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, champions transparency.

We are always honest and open when communicating with investors, customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders about matters related to the business. Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, is also happy to discuss our business, our structure, our shareholdings, and our investments with anyone at any time.


‍Ethics and Integrity in the workplace are paramount within Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business.

We encourage all our seniors to lead with integrity, and appreciate that their actions, words, and decisions should reflect the values, culture, and morale of the Group. Honesty and integrity within Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, harness trust amongst stakeholders, strengthens our organisation’s credibility, and encourages our clients and employees to stay.


Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, takes Whistleblowing seriously.

Whistle-blowers and others who raise concerns appreciate  that should a concern be raised, the company will make no retaliation.

We are exploring the ISO;37002 as a framework to ensure accountability and transparency.


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