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Promise Gluten Free's Surge in UK Sales, Shelf-Space, and Distribution


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Completed in 2022-2023.

Promise Gluten Free, an Irish bakery brand, aspired to bring the finest, superior-tasting gluten free baked goods to a wider audience in the UK.

They partnered with Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, to win listings in more grocers, expand brand presence on shelves, boost sales, and gain a greater share of the gluten free market.

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A collection of 7 Promise Free Gluten Free loaves


Bridging the gap between gluten free and mainstream bread in the UK.

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Ceuta Group’s grocery experts have fully managed the UK sales, distribution, and logistics for Promise Gluten Free since 2021, delivering successful brand sell-ins, effective category management, and strategic pricing and promotion strategies. Under Ceuta guidance, Promise Gluten Free has achieved substantial growth in brand awareness, shelf space, sales, and share of category spend across Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Morrisons.

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