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A Transformative Ideation Session for Sanofi Allevia and Boots



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Completed in 2021

Sanofi had a vision to innovate on the launch of their new hay fever product.

Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, arranged a transformative ideation workshop between Sanofi and Boots to initiate collaboration and divergent thinking, enabling them to address key challenges and priorities, activate customer awareness, drive category growth, and develop a strong, long-term cross-functional relationship.

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In an ideation workshop arranged and managed by Ceuta Group, Boots and Sanofi developed pragmatic collaboration techniques to overcome key challenges and formulated a 360-degree launch plan for the new hay fever product, Allevia, which won Sanofi the Boots Innovation of the Year award.

“The category workshop facilitated via Ceuta Group was instrumental in helping us drive early engagement with cross-functional stakeholders and senior leaders in Boots. This provided an opportunity to critically evaluate the customer journey and co-create a winning plan for the 2022 allergy season.”


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