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A transformative ideation session for Boots and Allevia

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  • Development of a highly immersive and engaging workshop to achieve Sanofi's objectives and enable divergent thinking between Sanofi and Boots.
  • Opportunity creation for Sanofi and Boots to challenge retailer norms on an innovative, category driving launch plan for Sanofi’s hay fever tablet, Allevia.
  • Supported brand and retailer to develop a collaborative action plan to bring their ideated launch plan to life.
  • Innovative Sanofi Allevia tree-shaped free standing display unit (FSDU) creation & design.
  • Full-day ideation workshop planning and management between Sanofi and Boots.

Completed in 2021

Sanofi had a vision to innovate on the launch of their brand new hay fever product.

Ceuta Group arranged a transformative ideation workshop between Sanofi and Boots to initiate collaboration and divergent thinking, enabling them to address key challenges and priorities, activate customer awareness, drive category growth, and develop a strong, long-term cross-functional relationship.

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In an ideation workshop arranged and managed by Ceuta Group, Boots and Sanofi developed pragmatic collaboration techniques to overcome key challenges and formulated a 360-degree launch plan for the new hay fever product, Allevia, which won Sanofi the Boots Innovation of the Year award.

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