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Evolving Optibac for a Successful, Sustainable Future






COMPLETED IN 2020-2021

Optibac, famous for their “friendly” bacteria, came to Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, when they spotted an opportunity to become friendlier to the environment.

Not only did we help increase the brand’s sustainability across the whole supply chain, but we enhanced the UX, redesigned their website and marketing services, and increased their web-traffic by 65%.

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The UK’s most recommended friendly bacteria supplements

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We revolutionised the look and feel of the Optibac brand, introduced glass and cardboard packaging to replace the plastic, and refreshed their website to enhance the UX.

After boosting Optibac’s offline and online presence with ads on Social Media, YouTube, and TV, we conducted quantitative audience research and proved to retailers that shoppers preferred Optibac, leading to new listings in famous retail establishments.

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