Ceuta International Conference 2023: Staying Connected With Outsourcing 2030 – Key Highlights

The final week of November 2023 saw perhaps the best Ceuta International Conference since its conception in 2007. The event commenced with an evening of welcome drinks and networking at the 4-star Leonardo Hotel in central London. Two days of inspiring talks and presentations followed, in which Health & Wellness thought leaders from across the globe explored everything from the shifts in global retail and e-commerce to self-care and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Interwoven into every session was one clear theme: connections.

Hosted by Ceuta Group and sponsored by IQVIA Consumer Health and Wellbeing Nutrition, the Ceuta International Conference 2023: Staying Connected With Outsourcing 2030 invited over 150 Health & Wellness industry peers, esteemed partners, and thought leaders to unite and share their predictions of what’s to come for Health & Wellness over the next decade.

Guests and speakers shared the consensus that the industry is on the brink of a revolution. The Health & Wellness market is not only becoming more commercial but it is evolving rapidly as consumer understanding, digital technology, and medical research grow. Gone are the days when Health & Wellness was thought of only as remedial services and products. Now there’s much more focus on self-care, illness prevention, and long-term health.

“ I think we need to be aware of the risks, but overall, I would say we should be confident about the future.”

Hann-Ju Ho, Lloyds Bank


The opening presentation of the conference, led by Ceuta Group’s Head of International Business Development, Keith Garrity, forecasted a rise of the “middle class” and consumers’ rising desire to enhance every aspect of their health and well-being, from physical fitness and beauty to mental health and immunity. By 2030, the Health & Wellness industry is set to reach $8,379 billion. But what does this mean for the individuals and businesses working in Health & Wellness? And how can brands compete effectively in 2024 and beyond?

The sessions throughout the Ceuta International Conference addressed all these topics and more, with a dynamic variety of global brand owners and strategists, distribution partners, investment experts, and retailers sharing critical insights into what lies ahead.

Following Keith Garrity’s opening presentation, the first full day started with eye-opening talks from Lloyds Bank’s Hann-Ju Ho and IQVIA Consumer Health’s Prasanna Pitale, who explained the macro-economic climate and the evolving needs of global Health & Wellness consumers, respectively.

These paved the way for our “Brand Owner Perspectives” session, where guests heard from a variety of brand owners who have recently partnered with Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business. Inês Correia from Norgine, Colin Chapman from Myrkl, and Clayton Kilkenny from RangeMe took the stage and discussed the benefits of working with a global outsourcing partner like Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business.

In the afternoon, M&A Practitioner Fuad Sawaya from Canaccord Genuity Consumer debated whether Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in the consumer healthcare sector are facing a rerating in 2024 and the impacts this could have on the industry. Of course, these aren’t the only changes that Health & Wellness will face. Artificial Intelligence will also disrupt the industry, and the conference’s next session explored what that might look like, as The Store’s David Roth and Pecorino’s Ian Maskell gave fascinating presentations on AI. The session ended with a powerful reminder from Watch Me Think’s Alistair Vince, who emphasized the importance of human contribution in the digital age and how “Truly understanding people is a point of difference”.

“When we look at healthcare for consumer health, we believe it’s important to consider the patient because the patient is becoming the consumer in many markets. (…) So within IQVIA, you’ll see healthcare professionals (HCP) bringing the science to the marketing.”

Prasanna Pitale, IQVIA Consumer Health


From futuristic technology to the realities of consumer experiences, the next talk was led by PAGB’s Farhana Hawthorne, who highlighted the positive impact of self-care on individuals and society as a whole. Their inspiring research proved the power over-the-counter (OTC) manufacturers can have on people’s livelihood and the economy, and the importance of consumer education in encouraging people to self-care.

The day’s presentations ended with a powerful discussion led by QIVA Global’s Ellie Adams and Alibaba Group’s Zarina Kanji, who explained the challenges and rewards of launching into the Chinese healthcare market and how brands can achieve sustainable success.

Yet more fascinating sessions took place the following morning. Nicholas Hall cast an eye to the current and future trends to shake the Health & Wellness market, with CBD, mental health, and women’s health all gaining a spotlight in the coming years, just to name a few.

Then, we heard from four of Ceuta Group’s exciting new partners on their global expansion ambitions. Penny Curtis and David Gray led a joint discussion on the evolution of Norgine and the anticipated global growth of their constipation product, Movicol, as it switches from a prescription-only to an OTC product license. John Pearson outlined the international potential of his USA and Canadian brand, Navage Nasal Care, whose unique IP promises to be a big player in 42+ global markets. Bryan Jackowitz from Dickinson Brands took us through the impressive growth of their global skincare brands and the category as a whole, and Avnish Chhabria and Subodh Marwah discussed how Wellbeing Nutrition is shaking up the vitamins, minerals, and supplements (VMS) category with their natural, sustainable, and scientifically-driven product portfolio.

Ceuta Group’s department directors, Andy Grout, Mark Artus, David Gray, and Gina Overton, wrapped up the Conference by showing guests how Ceuta Group’s suite of added-value services can help them drive additional growth for the brands they represent in their respective markets.

“We only have one brand at the moment, but we are really looking forward to grow this brand in this big market as a as a consumer healthcare organization in our gene, we have a very big ambition. By 2027, we want to be one of the top 20 OTC players with €600m.”

Inês Correia, Norgine


The Ceuta International Conference isn’t just about industry insights; it’s a hub for building connections and forging new relationships. Before, after, and between sessions, guests took advantage of the opportunity to network. The event also included a networking lunch and a world-class dinner at the grand Fishmonger’s Hall: the perfect place to enhance both new and established relationships, which has been crucial to the success of our 17-year-strong International Alliance. These connections have played a pivotal role in shaping our journey, and we look forward to the continued growth and collaboration that will undoubtedly stem from this year’s conference. Thank you to all our esteemed International Alliance partners and industry peers who attended the event.

To find out more about Ceuta Group’s International Alliance and how we can help you achieve your brand’s objectives and bring new speed, agility and cost efficiency to the management and growth of your brand internationally, get in touch.

Booking is now open for the 2024 Ceuta International Conference. To reserve your place, please head to the Ceuta International Conference page here.

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