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The Secret to Dole's Immunity Powder Success

The Secret to Dole’s Immunity Powder Success


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  • Brand naming, conceptualisation, packaging design, key visuals, communications, and shopper marketing for eCommerce & website design.
  • Semiotic analysis, platforms & qualitative consumer positioning research.
  • Online global client workshop across UK, US & SG.
  • Vision, positioning & brand creation.
  • Brand book and trade presenter deck.

Fruit brand Dole came to Ceuta Group with the vision to launch their first range of immunity essential powders.

We used research and analysis, global online workshops, and design strategy to create a fresh, new brand from scratch that stands out on the shelves on 3 continents.

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We helped Dole develop the first ever range of immunity essentials powders. We created the brand identity from scratch with the goal to make their powders stand out in the saturated functional food supplement category.

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