Ceuta Group joins the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA)

Ceuta Group, a global Health & Wellness brand building company, is proud to announce that it is now an official member of the US Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA).

With a shared mission to create a healthier tomorrow by expanding the choice and availability of consumer healthcare products, Ceuta Group’s membership in CHPA will help to connect cutting-edge consumer healthcare brands in the USA to consumers across the globe.

CHPA is the leading voice fighting to ensure that Americans have access to consumer healthcare products they can count on to be reliable, save money and time, and deliver new and better ways to stay and get healthy.

Ceuta Group supports the association’s mission by connecting Health & Wellness brands to consumers all over the world; through game-changing market research and insight, winning brand strategy & creative design and rapid omnichannel sales & marketing execution. By providing consumer healthcare and CPG brand owners with all the platforms and capabilities they need to develop, launch, and expand their brands, Ceuta Group empowers them to connect with consumers faster on a global scale.

As dedicated members of the CHPA, our team is excited to engage with fellow industry professionals and contribute to various association events and webinars over the coming years. We will make our first appearance at the CHPA Educational Foundation Gala & U.S. Self-Care Marketing Awards and Marketing Forum on November 15-16, 2023. We look forward to seeing our current U.S. clients and forging new connections across the industry and CHPA community.

We’re delighted to welcome Ceuta Group to the CHPA community. As we continue working to shape the future of self-care, Ceuta’s experience helping Health & Wellness brands of all categories and sizes unlock their full potential will bring an important global perspective to our association. ”

CHPA President and CEO Scott Melville

About Ceuta Group

Ceuta Group is a global brand building business dedicated to creating a healthier tomorrow by
connecting Health & Wellness brands to consumers all over the world.

Ceuta Group offers a unique collective of capabilities and expertise at all points of the value chain, enabling clients to unlock opportunities and deliver profitable growth for their brands all over the world. From initial market assessments, through to developing the brand strategy, creative & performance marketing plans, and culminating with global omnichannel sales and distribution execution – we are a true full-service outsourcing platform.

With over 25 years’ experience, Ceuta Group is backed by US investors Juggernaut Capital Partners and has teams based across the UK, Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia.

We look forward to bringing an international perspective to Health & Wellness conversations at the CHPA, connecting with USA businesses and brand owners to better understand their objectives and support them in expanding internationally to create a healthier future for all.

About CHPA

CHPA is the leading voice fighting to ensure that Americans have access to over-the-counter (OTC) medications, dietary supplements, and consumer medical devices they can count on to be reliable, save money and time, and deliver new and better ways to get and stay healthy.

That means CHPA is also the home for responsible consumer healthcare companies. They understand how to help their members — from industry leaders to ambitious newcomers — meet evolving consumer demand for more products without sacrificing safety and quality.

Whether they are helping regulators interpret cutting-edge science, partnering with lawmakers to craft sensible policy, or educating consumers to safely choose and use personal healthcare products, they are driven by a single goal: helping people pursue happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care.

If you feel inspired and want to learn more about how Ceuta Group can boost your business growth, get in touch.

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