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Empowering Inovox to Quintuple Their Sales Projections





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COMPLETED IN 2015-2016

Leading Polish pain relief business, USP Zdrowie, had a new product to launch into the crowded sore throat category.

Ceuta Group’s branding experts disrupted the category norms to devise the bold new Inovox challenger brand identity and advertising capable of outshining big-name competitors.

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Claiming a voice in the Polish market

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After a round of competitor research revealed a sea of sameness, Ceuta Group’s branding team took an emotional approach, based on the pain point that no competitor was addressing: a lost voice. Thus, the innovative new brand, Inovox, was created.

“The Polish sore throat market is mature, has a huge number of players and is characterised by low consumer engagement. New entrants must stand out in terms of branding, packaging, and communications to gain consumers. Ceuta Group has developed strong, distinctive brand assets that work consistently through all consumer touchpoints. It’s the lynchpin for a future market leader.”

Justyna FijalkowskaProduct Manager, Inovox Express

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