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Developing the now iconic Gaviscon brand identity

An assortnment of Gaviscon double action gut health product packages


Gaviscon heartburn and indigestion OTC healthcare brand logo


Reckitt Benckiser logo


  • Consumer research and brand-consumer relationship analysis.
  • Now iconic Gaviscon brand identity and torso design.
  • Visual brand identity development.
  • Sub-brand identity creation and packaging design.
  • New product development (NPD) support.

Trusted by indigestion and heartburn sufferers for over 45 years, Gaviscon wanted to make the most of its trusted heritage.

Ceuta Group’s branding experts worked with the Reckitt Benckiser team to create an instantly striking new brand identity.

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UK’s best-selling OTC brand in heartburn and indigestion relief

Wartie brand UK coverage


As part of an overall NPD programme, Ceuta Group supported the Reckitt Benckiser team to conceive exciting new product ideas, designs, and formats, tailored to the different symptoms of sufferers.

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