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Transforming a Fragmented Brand Image into the Iconic Dr. Max



Dr. Max logo


COMPLETED IN 2017-2018

With pharmacies that differed across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and Italy, Dr. Max had a vision to create a unified brand identity.

Ceuta Group’s brand strategy and design teams supported Dr. Max to develop a consistent positioning and visual identity across all touchpoints, in every market.

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A family shopping in Dr Max


The face of pharmacies across 8 European markets

World map with 8 European markets shaded in


Ceuta Group, an IQVIA business, aligned the brand’s core target consumer segments, category priorities, associated shopper behaviour, and value propositions across all markets, enabling the Dr. Max pharmacy chain to display the same strong brand logotype, colour palette, typography, fascia design, category signage, imagery, and in-store promotional collateral across its 2,300+ stores.*

*Taken from the Dr. Max website December 2022.

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