We’re proud to announce that our Talent Management & Development (TMD) team have been named Team of the Year at Dorset Business Awards.  Here we explore how the team has developed, the contribution they make to Ceuta Group and what makes them so unique.

The TMD team delivers HR services and Learning & Development activity across the Ceuta Group of companies. The team comprises advisers and practitioners, tasked with creating and implementing strategies that support the integration of each Group company, while preserving each company’s culture and values.

When Ceuta Healthcare’s HR team relaunched as Ceuta Group TMD in April 2017, they started with only two members: Treacy Webster, Director of TMD and Nathalie Camus, Learning & Development Manager. Since then, as Ceuta Group has grown with each new company, the team has grown to 8 members across the Group:

Samantha Cole, Ceuta Group Talent Development Executive

Holly Webb, Ceuta Group TMD Administrator

Holly Mae Edwards, TMD Assistant currently covering Holly Webb’s maternity leave

Rebecca Upshall, Ceuta Healthcare Talent Manager

Clare Dean, Bridgethorne Talent Manager

And soon to be appointed 1HQ Talent Manager

It’s a tight-knit team with a very open, supportive culture, high levels of trust and a great sense of humour.


In less than three years, TMD has evolved from a transactional department to a strategic team. Over this time, they have implemented a very ambitious change programme, underpinned by performance management and talent development strategies.

For Ceuta Group, the TMD Academy is a hub of resources that supports professional learning and people management. For the TMD team, the Academy and everything within it is a representation of their combined creativity, expertise and purpose, which they consider their greatest achievement to date.

The TMD team has made a significant impact on the Ceuta Group, unifying many HR practices and implementing people management initiatives. Key milestones have included the integrated HR and Payroll system with Employee Self Service, the launch of the online TMD Academy, and the delivery of the TMD Core 6 Competency Framework.

Beyond the Group, they have strived to impact the wider community with their support of Dorset Mind. Supporting the mental health of all Ceuta Group employees is something they are very close to as a team as Mental Health First Aiders. They also participate in activities to raise funds for Dorset Mind.


Earlier this year, the TMD team facilitated Ceuta Healthcare’s Investors in People assessment to receive the Gold Award. As the largest company in Ceuta Group with nearly 200 employees, the comments made to the IIP assessor during interviews is a great indication of how the TMD team is viewed by the business:

‘There’s been a massive change in TMD over the last few years. That’s really positive.’

‘TMD is not just an HR department they’re really putting people at the forefront.’

‘Ceuta TMD is definitely forward thinking and ambitious.’

Treacy Webster, Group Director of Talent Management and Development, said: “I’m so delighted that Ceuta Group’s Talent Management & Development team won Team of the Year.  I’m very privileged to work with my amazing team, they make me proud every day with their diverse talent and the support they give each other and everyone we work with.”

Dorset’s prestigious annual business awards celebrate the greatest success stories in the county. This TeamJobs Team of the Year Award offers a unique opportunity to recognise the hard work, professionalism and dedication of a team who have exceeded expectations and made a real contribution to the success of the business.

29 Nov 2019 | By Ceuta Group |