Lawrence Janes, MD at Collidascope was a guest speaker at the Health & Beauty Association talking about Reconciling the relationship between digital and traditional marketing – focusing on the commercial and shopper outcomes that matter the most.

In a marketing communication world dominated by the jargon and metrics surrounding digital media and big data, it seems we sometimes lose sight of what really counts – do any of the clever algorithms, technology platforms and targeting capabilities we hear about, are told to use, or just plain fear missing out on, actually generate incremental sales both on line and in bricks & mortar stores? And if they do, what is their relationship with ’traditional’ marketing activity, whether it be in store, on the way to a store or at home? Indeed, & perhaps most importantly, what if anything does the shopper or consumer make of it all, & how does it affect the way they shop?

05 Oct 2017 | By Ceuta Group |