Our Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, it brings complexity and uncertainty to businesses, employees and society as a whole.

It is our responsibility at Ceuta Group to safeguard the health & wellness of our employees both here in the UK and across our international offices; and to support our clients and retail partners during these unprecedented times.

In anticipation and with forward planning in readiness for a full “Lock Down”, we had, ahead of Monday’s announcement, smoothly transitioned over 410 people across 10 different locations to working remotely; meaning all our teams are fully operational and delivering for our clients and consumers.

We have three clear imperatives as a business:

  1. To safeguard the health & wellbeing of our employees.
  2. To support and initiate ‘Best Work Practices’ with our clients, retail partners and community pharmacies.
  3. To ensure we respect and embed the Government’s protocols and directives.

The actions Ceuta Group as taken in response to COVID-19:

  • We have closed all our international offices and three of our UK offices except for our offices in Bournemouth (Ceuta Healthcare and Go2Grocery) and Ireland (Brandshapers) that are partially closed.
  • Where work from home is not possible, we have a rotating skeleton staff in place following the hygiene and social distancing protocols. These work functions are to support customer care, delivery of stock and sourcing to our retail customer base and community pharmacies; ensuring the provision of medicines, health & personal care products, food and drinks.
  • We have cancelled all international travel and all meetings are now conducted over the phone or via video conferencing.
  • Our Directors and Senior Management Team are keeping an open dialogue and staying in constant communication with their clients and teams. This is extremely important for on-going team building, continued business focus and client support.
  • Our HR team is proactively supporting our people with regular communications, practical advice and e-learning opportunities. They are also all trained as Mental Health First Aiders to support those who might need help in these unsettling times.
  • Our IT team is supporting and ensuring all our employees are effectively working remotely to deliver for our clients.
  • We are continually emphasising to all our employees the importance of self-isolation and keeping to the Government’s health guidelines.

Our support and contribution in these challenging times:

  • We are here for our people, clients and partners.
  • More than ever, we are working hard with our clients to make their products available to consumers across the UK.
  • We are doing everything we can to support the Health & Personal Care and Food & Drink industries in our activities.
  • We are committed and passionate about working together to ensure our business stays fit for tomorrow’s marketplace; delivering the Next Generation of Outsourcing – We will come through this crisis stronger and increasingly united.

Stay safe!

Edwin Bessant
CEO – Ceuta Group

26 Mar 2020 | By Mike Spicer |