Welcome to the second edition of Ceuta Group’s magazine, in which we turn the spotlight on the emerging Generation Z demographic. With its oldest members turning 22 this year, Generation Z is ready to enter the workplace and opportunities for businesses are mounting. In this edition of Focus, contributors from across Ceuta Group explore the values of this complex new group and the opportunities available for brands who are ready to make them part of their business strategy.

Thanks to all our contributors and credits for this publication go to the team at Impackt. Ben Glotzer, 1HQ Brand Agency, Charlotte Turns, Lucinda Gregory, The Share Centre, Gareth Cunliffe, Orchid Field Marketing, Chloie Brandrick, Click Consult, Annette D’Abreo, Ceuta Healthcare, Chris Webster, Go2Grocery, Sarah Leader, David Gray, 1HQcreativeleap, Lawrence Janes, CollidaScope Limited, and Clemence Watts.

17 Mar 2020 | By Ceuta Group |