Welcome to the new quarterly magazine from Ceuta Group, this edition centering on the explosion of “enjoyable wellness”, led by consumer demand for healthy, socially-responsible products. With viewpoints from the specialist companies within the Group, it offers insights on how brands in the health & personal care and food & drink industries need to respond in the way they produce and market their products – and position themselves as a whole.


The burgeoning wellness industry, often attributed to the healthier lifestyles of the so-called Generations Z and Y, reaches far deeper into culture, society and economics than what may be readily apparent.

According to leading marketing magazine, The Drum: enjoyable wellness is a “moving category where the emotional and rational drivers are balanced out”; it combines emotional fulfilment with delicious taste and healthiness.


To satisfy this consumer demand, brands must make it their responsibility to offer wellness choices to its consumers whilst also being satisfying, reliable and safe.

And it’s not just health, beauty and fitness companies that the trend pervades: consumers expect brands themselves to be trustworthy, healthy and socially responsible, too, and transparent about the origins and provenance of their products.

This goes beyond packaging, with consumers looking for details of brand values, the sources of ingredients and the production process.

However, this notion of integrity and purpose actually places the companies in the pharmaceutical, health and beauty industries, which have traditionally dominated the wellness sector, in a positive position. Having spent years working on transparency and compliance in regulated markets, they have proven ethics and that means purpose has become part of the DNA of many of the established brands.

To remain competitive, brands need to anticipate consumers’ needs and ensure that their core values align with those of their consumers. So, while enjoyable wellness can be seen as a disruptive force in marketing, it actually opens up plenty of opportunities for FMCG brands to realign themselves with consumer principles and reach them in a meaningful way. The articles in this magazine explore the impact on our industry and provide some inspiration on how your brand can embrace this culture for the good of society, consumers, and business.

18 Jul 2019 | By Ceuta Group |