What sectors does Ceuta specialise in?

We are brand experts across the Health & Personal Care and Food & Drink industries, working with businesses ranging from small challenger brands to large multinationals.

The key trade channels we support:

  • Multiple pharmacy chains
  • Independent pharmacy
  • Pharmacy wholesale
  • Health & food stores
  • Ecommerce
  • Multiple grocers
  • High Street retailers
  • Independent grocers
  • Convenience & impulse
  • Value retail
  • Food service
  • Food wholesale and cash & carry

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What services can you offer to my brand / business?

At Ceuta, we offer a complete suite of fully integrated brand services, deployed through a singular solution, that can be used individually or in combination to enhance, grow and support your business.

From category, shopper & consumer insight to brand strategy development, creative design, digital marketing, sales and distribution, we can support the journey of a brand from concept right through to market execution;  providing all the infrastructure and expertise you need for your brands to achieve their full potential.

Brand fostering is our full-service offering, where we take complete responsibility for all aspects of the management and growth of a brand. Using our suite of integrated brand services, we nurture your brand, plan for its future and make sure it benefits from the best exposure and distribution according to a carefully developed and executed strategy.

And through our network of like-minded distributors with proven expertise in launching, managing and developing brands in their locally defined market, we can manage your brand successfully in more than 110 international markets, combining our core strategic, creative and operational skills with carefully managed local delivery.

Can Ceuta help my business gain industry insight?

Our category, shopper and consumer specialists will turn data and research into dependable insight, revealing real opportunities for your brand and will help you capitalise on them to compete successfully.

We offer:

  • Consumer Insight – We help you discover what makes consumers tick, pick, click and buy. From digital journey and eye tracking to groups and product testing, online surveys, accompanied shops and much more.
  • Category & Shopper Insight – We’re here to help you convince retailers to list your products and persuade shoppers to buy them, either in-store or on-line.
  • Customer Insight – We will give you a 360 degree view of your customers, so you can communicate with them in a more personalised way and consistently provide added value that leads to strong brand loyalty.
  • Trend Analysis– By observing and analysing trends, we’ll help you identify the ones worth investing in to drive incremental value for your brand and steer you away from short-term fads.

The ability to combine insights from all-points on the journey to purchase – and to draw out the shifts in mind-set from shopper to consumer – offers a uniquely powerful foundation on which to build commercial strategies.

Together, they help brands shape effective approaches to getting their products on to retailer shelves, into shoppers’ baskets and, ultimately, to win consumers’ hearts and minds.

How can Ceuta help with my brand to launch?

Our Market Readiness strategies provide brands with a clear story and implementation roadmap to guarantee your brand’s long-term success.

It encompasses: 

  • Brand purpose and positioning – Defining the focus for your brand’s purpose and positioning to create stories that connect and engage with consumers.
  • Innovation strategy – Bridging the gap between category opportunity and brand win by creating innovative concepts that resonate with consumers.
  • Marketing mix optimisation – Working out the commercial effectiveness of each element of your marketing mix including: product price, retailer discount promotions, distribution, position in-store and on e-commerce sites, paid, earned and owned traditional and digital consumer marketing activities and packaging, amongst others.
  • Category and retail solutions – Convincing retailers to list your brand and to persuade shoppers to buy them. Our services span from the strategic to operational including category vision development, range reviews and customised shopper marketing programmes.

How can Ceuta help me with creative branding and promotion?

Our designers, art directors and copywriters work together to develop a coherent brand world from pack, to physical and digital experience and on to communications content, pays long-term dividends.

  • Smarter graphic, structural and experience design solutions to solve brand challenges.
  • Advertising, digital and social communication that put the brand at the heart of the campaign.
  • Activation and promotional marketing initiatives that demonstrate and amplify the promise of the brand.

Can Ceuta help my brand with manufacturing and regulatory compliance?

Quality is paramount to us and we will ensure your brands follow thorough Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures before being released to consumers.

It is our responsibility to help you navigate the challenging world of regulatory compliance and to protect your brand and your customers.

We offer a bespoke service to help develop a strategy and provide support in pharmaceutical licensing requirements, utilising our vast expertise and knowledge. We also provide a complete regulatory service in brokering and contract distribution across medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetic products and veterinary medicinal products.

What’s more, our experienced in-house Customer Services Team are fully trained in Pharmacovigilance and Cosmetoviligance reporting, with backup support of a 24-hour reporting service to ensure that any adverse events or drug safety related reports are captured.

Our Quality Management System ensures we are routinely audited to ensure compliance, vigilance and adherence to legislative directives throughout all operations.

How can you improve my brand’s online visibility?

Our award-winning digital and search marketing strategies focus on ensuring your website has maximum visibility in Google’s results when people search for brands like yours.

With services encompassing search engine optimisation (SEO), paid media (PPC), conversion rate optimisation (CRO), content marketing campaigns, social media marketing and digital PR, our strategies focus on:

  • Formulating a keyword strategy based on the terms your audience is using to find products and services like yours.
  • Developing the technical quality and performance of your website
  • Identifying how you can target your customers with valuable, high-quality content that engages and encourages interaction.
  • Defining social media strategies to help grow brand awareness and social advocacy.
  • Targeting influencers, online communities and social media networks to widen your audience, drive up traffic and boost your backlink profile.
  • Creating highly-targeted PPC campaigns on a range of platforms that deliver maximum ROI.

How can Ceuta support me increase sales and grow my brand?

We work in partnership with our clients to build brands fit for the future; embracing and responding to trends and ever evolving consumer needs.From full sales management and distribution, to brand strategy development and creative design; from trade and consumer marketing to efficient logistics management and customer services, we create tailored solutions that will turbocharge your business objectives.

We drive value for brands through:

  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Insight led brand strategies
  • Multi-level trade relationships
  • A full range of sales services
  • In-house marketing expertise
  • Extensive channel coverage
  • Advanced ecommerce solutions
  • Regulatory and Quality Assurance expertise
  • A support team to maximise productivity

Our expertise launching, developing and growing brands reaches over 110 international markets through our trusted network of distribution partners.

Can Ceuta provide field marketing solutions for my brand?

We offer a variety of field and experiential marketing services, from permanent strategic sales teams aligned to internal goals, as well as fast, flexible, responsive tactical field sales solutions.

All of our decisions are underpinned by market intelligence, real-time data and smart solutions, resulting in our ability to deliver sales success stories that are second-to-none.

Our teams can become an extension of your brand via:

  • Field sales – Rapidly growing your revenue with a flexible, effective sales force.
  • Merchandising – Optimising your ROI by securing prime product positioning.
  • Auditing – Unlocking your sales potential through understanding your retail position.
  • Engagement – Grabbing consumers’ attention and gaining their loyalty with an unforgettable brand experience.

Can Ceuta offer logistics, supply chain and warehousing solutions?

Using best in class third party logistics providers, we manage all our clients’ distribution needs across Health & Personal Care and Food & Drink in the UK and internationally.

We cover:

  • Logistics management
  • Order management
  • Contract packing
  • Consolidation
  • Warehousing
  • Invoicing
  • Customer services
  • Back office support

 Whether we work with you in the UK or in any other countries around the world, we ensure the same standards and quality of service are maintained when it comes to distributing your brand.

What is brand fostering?

Brand fostering is our full service offering, where we take total ownership for the management and growth of your brand.

Using our suite of integrated brand services, we nurture your brand, plan for its future and make sure it benefits from the best exposure and distribution according to a carefully developed and executed strategy.

We manage all functions of your business on your behalf, from insights, creative design, manufacturing and regulatory, all the way to sales, new product development, marketing and customer services.

We focus on growing your brand by simplifying complex brand processes and providing a consistent, comprehensive and professional service through a single point of contact. We’ll deploy the exact expertise you need to accomplish the purpose of your brand whilst defending it’s equity and keeping income within your business

Is brand fostering right for my business?

The model appeals to a wide range of businesses, from manufacturers to private equity firms, as it allows brand owners to simplify complex brand processes and run efficient and lean operations whilst growing revenue, increasing their market share and keeping equity within their business. Examples of those who benefit:

  • Private equity looking for a route to market
  • Manufacturers with legacy or unfocused brands in their portfolio
  • Businesses with competing brands in their portfolio
  • Those experiencing a loss of critical mass within their market
  • Businesses looking to enter new markets without investing in bricks and mortar
  • Those looking to enter new markets with extended NPD launches

These businesses may be left with unfocused and/or tired brands and declining market share, leading to lost customers, rapid retail delisting, diminished brand equity and an overall loss of total income.

Brand fostering can address these challenges and help to turn decline into growth through:

  • Renews focus and extended brand life cycle
  • Increased market brand share
  • New and retained retailer listings
  • Renewed communication support
  • Value creation
  • Differentiation from competition
  • Driving revenue bottom line

Does Ceuta offer international scope?

We have access to more than 110 markets internationally.


We cover over 90% of the Health & Personal care market in the UK; focusing on all key trade channels from national accounts and independent pharmacy to health food multiples and online, through syndicated or dedicated teams. In Grocery, we give you access to 70,000 distribution points; covering all trade channels from major multiples to small specialist stores with dedicated teams focusing on Convenience, Health Food and Online.


In Ireland, we’ve got access to over 5,000 distribution points across the Grocery, Pharmacy, Convenience and Wholesale channels. We’ve built strong relationships with Ireland’s retail groups, working in partnership with them to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for the brands we represent.


We can support brands in over 100 international markets across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, North and South America. We work with our network of trusted distributors to put in place the best channel arrangements for your brand. They work jointly with us to deliver outstanding results for our clients internationally, giving us access to over 440,000 pharmacies and 120 mass retailers globally.

What’s the story behind Ceuta?

Spotting a gap in the market almost 25 years ago, our founders Edwin Bessant and Annette D’Abreo fulfilled their vision of a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ of outsourced, brand services, creating an innovative, game-changing business solution.

From our roots in Bournemouth, we’ve grown both organically and through a strategic acquisition strategy, now counting 12 specialist companies in our Group, delivering integrated solutions for our clients globally.

With 10 international offices and a portfolio of clients ranging from challenger brands to multinationals, our growth has been driven by our highly motivated, passionate and intelligent teams and the values that run through our business; allowing us to develop a ‘winning culture’ based on our passion for the brands we support and our commitment to achieving nothing less than the best for our clients.

Do you have any examples of work you’ve done for clients?

Please take a look at our range of Case Studies to see how we’ve helped fuel brand growth across the Health & Personal Care and Food & Drink sectors globally.

Are there currently any career opportunities at Ceuta Group?

We’re always looking for people who bring new skills, perspectives and life experiences to our teams.

So if you’re looking for your next career move or a new challenge with a business that values passion, creativity and drive then your future is with us. (link to Careers)

Ceuta Group is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from all suitably qualified and eligible candidates.

How is Ceuta Group committed to corporate social responsibility?

We have committed to behave ethically and contribute to economic development, while improving the quality of life of our employees and their families, the local community and society at large.

Find out more about our CSR Charter.

How is Ceuta Group navigating the COVID-19 crisis?

We have three clear imperatives as a business:

  • To safeguard the health & wellbeing of our employees.
  • To support and initiate ‘Best Work Practices’ with our clients, retail partners and community pharmacies.
  • To ensure we respect and embed the Government’s protocols and directives.

The actions Ceuta Group has taken in response to COVID-19:

  • We have closed all our international offices and three of our UK offices except for our offices in Bournemouth (Ceuta Healthcare and Go2Grocery) and Ireland (Brandshapers) that are partially closed.
  • Where work from home is not possible, we have a rotating skeleton staff in place following the hygiene and social distancing protocols. These work functions are to support customer care, delivery of stock and sourcing to our retail customer base and community pharmacies; ensuring the provision of medicines, health & personal care products, food and drinks.
  • We have cancelled all international travel and all meetings are now conducted over the phone or via video conferencing.
  • Our Directors and Senior Management Team are keeping an open dialogue and staying in constant communication with their clients and teams. This is extremely important for on-going team building, continued business focus and client support.
  • Our HR team is proactively supporting our people with regular communications, practical advice and e-learning opportunities. They are also all trained as Mental Health First Aiders to support those who might need help in these unsettling times.
  • Our IT team is supporting and ensuring all our employees are effectively working remotely to deliver for our clients.
  • We are continually emphasising to all our employees the importance of self-isolation and keeping to the Government’s health guidelines.

Our support and contribution in these challenging times:

  • We are here for our people, clients and partners.
  • More than ever, we are working hard with our clients to make their products available to consumers across the UK.
  • We are doing everything we can to support the Health & Personal Care and Food & Drink industries in our activities.
  • We are committed and passionate about working together to ensure our business stays fit for tomorrow’s marketplace; delivering the Next Generation of Outsourcing – We will come through this crisis stronger and increasingly united.

Whitepaper: The Enduring Appeal of Investment in Healthcare and Wellness Consumer brands

In this time of geopolitical uncertainty and a worldwide pandemic, health, wellness and personal care is one of the few industries with proven sustainability and in fact, it has shown growth. Despite the volatile global economy, brands in this sector have attracted record levels of investment.

In this whitepaper, we explain how Ceuta is able to take full responsibility for this through its evidenced based Brand Fostering model.