Following our CEO Edwin Bessant’s success in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2019, we decided to profile Ceuta to highlight the exceptional services we provide to our clients – and why Edwin has been honoured yet again for our company’s success.

Established in 1994, Ceuta Group Plc is formed of 12 brand specialist companies and has over 420 employees with offices in the UK, Ireland, USA, The Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, many manufacturers began to recognise that Ceuta had built a highly professional reputation, offering bespoke services which included managing a company’s total consumer business within a market, or managing a specific brand within a specific trade channel. The team at Ceuta then started to notice that many of their overseas clients were challenged when they wanted to meet a number of UK agencies at the same time to jointly discuss the strategy and growth opportunities for their brand. It was extremely difficult to get agencies into the same room on the same day, and at times they were restrictive in what they were able to say due to minor competitor elements.

This became the opportunity for Ceuta to deliver a unique solution by acquiring a number of agencies specialised in Sales, Marketing, Digital, Creative, Communication & Insight services; creating a collective of services, delivering a singular and expedient solution for brand owners. This initiative provides an incredibly powerful integral solution with all key stakeholders together in one room to reach positive outcomes.

Ceuta Group offers a complete outsourced “Brand Fostering” solution or a tailored combination of specialist brand services on a global footprint. The firm delivers a bespoke solution which perfectly matches the needs of both their clients and their brands. This model is appealing to both manufacturers and private equity companies who acquire brands but don’t want bricks & mortar or headcount but need local market IP. It’s also attractive to clients who want to reach new white space markets as well as companies that have a large tail of prominent brands.

Leading the way, is Ceuta Group’s talented CEO, Edwin Bessant. Since the firm’s inception, Edwin’s position in the company has developed quickly due to his commitment, professionalism and vision for the business. From being the Managing Director of a single business to becoming the CEO of a fast-growing global organisation, Edwin is the architect and responsible for the Group’s continued build-out, delivering to their shareholders and for leading and inspiring employees from across 12 different companies.

Edwin is focused on culture, strong values, equality, diversity, sustainability and strict corporate governance. With a strong international acquisition strategy in place to support the future growth of the business, the team at Ceuta Group will continue to deliver their outstanding global outsourcing services, surpassing their expectations and fulfilling their set goals. Lastly, Edwin will continue to guide his team to success to great heights, especially following his recent success in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where he was awarded the accolade Most Influential CEO of the Year 2019 – Marketing.

03 Apr 2019 | By Ceuta Group |