The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual, highlighting that, individually, we’re can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements; while, collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world.

Here we share some inspiring words from some of Ceuta’s female leaders…

Annette D’Abreo, Managing Director, Ceuta Healthcare

“I am grateful to the women in our past who fought for the right to be heard when ears were blocked, including my amazing mother. I am grateful to the women who make our business successful and to the friends who inspire me. For their ability to keep several plates spinning under pressure, for being strong, smart, funny, resilient, kind, energetic and of great character. How very lucky am I to know you, to work with you and have your friendship. Wishing everyone a powerful IWD.”

Laura Wade, Managing Director, 1HQ USA

“Gender equality is not a women’s issue, it is an issue for all of our society. It’s been a slow push from the past where women’s voices and strengths were not heard or recognized. Today as human beings that contribute equally throughout the workplace and society we can proudly stand up and speak up and make a difference for women all over the world.”

Karen Cole, Managing Director, 1HQ  Singapore

“In today’s dynamic business environment, achieving gender equality is considered to be the essential factor for competitiveness and growth of any organisation.

For me, a gender equal work place is a work place that:

  • promotes a culture of inclusivity assigning job responsibilities based on competence, not gender
  • has an open-minded atmosphere that encourages and prioritises work-life balance
  • closes gender gaps in hiring and promotions, paying equal wages and benefits
  • raises awareness among employees about how stereotypes work
  • turns it’s good intentions into concrete actions, taking bolder steps to create a respectful culture so all employees feel safe and supported at work

A gender equal workplace relies heavily on the culture and the greatest driver for this is leadership. If those at the top aren’t living the culture, the rest of your staff won’t either.

Gender equality is not just a women’s issue, it’s a human issue that affects us all. What matters most is that we ALL do absolutely everything we can to help each other flourish. Not just women.

Julie Sowa, Sales Director, Click Consult

“This year’s theme of #EachforEqual reminds everyone that we each have a responsibility to help create a gender equal world. Our individual thoughts and actions contribute to the larger goal of rejecting bias and creating gender equality internationally.”