As the world celebrates International Women’s Day today, with the theme of #BalanceforBetter – a call to drive gender balance across the world – we’re proud to say that across Ceuta Group we have an almost 50% split of female MDs versus men. This compares to less than 30% in FTSE 100 companies in the UK.

Here we share some inspiring words from our female leaders…

Annette D’Abreo, Managing Director, Ceuta Healthcare

“Here’s to the amazing women of Ceuta in the UK and around the world. There are no barriers to talent, energy and hard work as you inspire your colleagues, clients and customers every day.”

Kathi Coffin, Joint Managing Director, Orchid Field Marketing

“I am proud to be part of a balanced, inclusive team where individuals, are recognised firstly as people with so much to give, they just need the right employment framework through which to rise to the challenge.”

Charlotte Turns, Joint Managing Director, Orchid Field Marketing

“My Mum has always told me that I can be whatever I want to be. It’s that unwavering belief that makes her a truly great mother. However, the belief of others is not enough; you need to establish who you want to be. Who you want to be in the boardroom; who you want to be as a parent; who you want to be as a friend; who you want to be when it’s just you in those rare moments of quiet time. Accept that all those versions of you may differ but that’s okay. Set out to be the best version of yourself in all situations and, most importantly, like the person that you are.”

Liz Clarke, Managing Director, Brandshapers Ltd

“Growing up my parents always led me to believe I could do anything that I wanted to do. This mind set has definitely helped me throughout my life and career. We need to encourage all women, our daughters, friends and female colleagues, to believe that they can do whatever they want to do, in life, sport and work. Then #BalanceforBetter will become the norm!”

Laura Wade, Managing Director, 1HQ Brand Agency – USA

“Everything in life seems to come at a price, but to assume value based on gender is antiquated and unbalanced. Women should not be measured by their gender in any social sphere, be it in the boardroom or out in the world, for what moves mountains, inspires, leads, and succeeds is not driven by gender. The reality is we are all equal as human beings. Gender is irrelevant when the human spirt excels and when we work together to achieve a common goal.”

Karen Cole, Managing Director, 1HQ Brand Agency – Singapore

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

Rachael Slaney, Managing Director, 1HQ Brand Agency – UK

08 Mar 2019 | By Ceuta Group |