What does your role entail?

Developing and delivering training and capability programmes, managing existing clients in order to understand their capability needs and develop new business opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Why?

Working with people is a love of mine and when training or coaching, that is what you are doing: helping, supporting and aiding their personal growth to improve or use new tools, processes or ways of working towards a more efficient and effective way of work – which I hope means they can think more and reflect on the needs of their customers or internal stakeholders.

What are the top trends for this year?

Top trends are all around digitally-enhanced ways to learn, as well as blended learning journeys where people learn in different ways and using different modes, whether that’s watching a video or reading a book, which is reflected in the different options that are presented along the learning journey. This makes sure you learn whatever your preference.

What top tips would you give to clients to ensure they face the challenges appropriately?

Always build capability from a level of understanding which means that we can be sure we have  a clear starting point and set clear objectives on where we need to get to – a fairly simple premise but often forgotten in capability development where it might be a tick box exercise instead. We offer a skills and knowledge review pre and post our learning journeys to ensure we can reflect on these changes made and understand any gaps to be further developed in the future.

What are you the most proud of in your career or life?

In both work and home I seek to help and support people, so whether that’s as a consultant, a manager or a trainer and I am proud of where some of the people who have entered my life have aspired and achieved as well as the fun of working together along the way – cheesy I know but true! At home I do a lot of volunteering for the England Rugby Football Union where I coach and mentor in a leadership academy and also have attained an exec board position building volunteer recognition and communication plans for Oxfordshire. This is something I set out to achieve and have attained and want to continue to deliver more for the game of rugby and my love of it.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your career?

Listen well and understand before acting, something learnt late in my career but wise words to work with as much as you can. Always seek to celebrate success as life can be pretty full on so take the opportunities to laugh and enjoy success when it happens – two, I know but both so very different!

What song best describes your work ethic?

Celebrate the World by Womack and Womack.