Gareth Cunliffe

What does your role entail?

As part of our dynamic and engaging field marketing agency, I work within our highly experienced senior management team to create and deliver strategic growth across a wide portfolio of our existing and prospective client base. It’s all about ensuring Orchid understands and aligns with each of our clients’ vision, goals and objectives, is constantly adaptable, whilst thoroughly enjoying growing some of the most exciting brands within UK retail.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Why?

For me it’s all about the relationships, whether internal or external. With having such a holistic role, I get plenty of time working with our clients to grow their brand and achieve our KPIs. We’ve also got a truly wonderful and dedicated head office support team, that are a joy to work with. Building strong relationships with some of the most hard-working individuals I’ve encountered in the industry will ultimately drive our clients’ and our business forward.

What do you feel the future of the industry looks like?

From a retail perspective it’s all about healthy living, ethical supply chains, and the utilisation of technology. They probably sound like a broken record to some, but I can’t stress the importance of these three areas as we speed through 2019.

The technology at our disposal now is greater than ever, allowing for reactive action within the retail sector. Dynamic planograms and digital SELs have been trialled for years across the globe, and I anticipate we’ll begin to see a more market-wide rollout over the coming years as retailers and suppliers look to maximise investment and increase market share.

From a consumer perspective – we’re watching what we eat more than ever, and we’re striving for social justice through understanding their consumables supply chains. In my opinion this is where all three trends link together, creating revolutionary and engaging educational content that utilises the fluidity of technology available.

What top tips would you give to clients to ensure they face these challenges appropriately?

Don’t think the old ways are always best. We’re at a pivotal moment where retailers and brands need to set trends and not cling to past successes. Listening and adapting to the needs of shoppers and consumers is a commercial imperative for a brands success.

What are you the most proud of in your career / life?

I’m extremely thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me during my career-to-date, all from working as a District Coffee Master with Starbucks which led into my first role in field marketing. I’ve been very blessed to work for some fantastic companies, spearheading ground-breaking projects throughout. However, I am also most thankful for my incredibly wonderful fiancé and my two utterly precious children.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your career?

To learn from everything – be a sponge. I’m a strong believer that you’ll never face anything you’re not capable of conquering if you use the gifts and talents given to you to the best of your ability.

What song best describes your work ethic?

I’m sounding like a big kid now, but it has to be Trip a Little Light from Mary Poppins Returns. Life will always throw you unexpected challenges, but you must keep going – pressing on to win the race.

And when the fog comes rolling in, just
Keep your feet upon the path
Mustn’t mope and frown or worst lie down
Don’t let it be your epitaph