Sainsbury’s recently gave its own label Taste The Difference range a design and recipe overhaul.

The new branding still features the Taste the Difference signature purple and gold colour scheme, but with an updated logo and food photography visuals. It also features longer product descriptions focusing on provenance and quality alongside the new tagline “that’s why you can Taste the Difference”.

Andy Kirk, Design Strategy Director at our partner brand agency 1HQ, gave his expert verdict in The Grocer:

“This new look is about seeming mainstream, rather than premium. The aim is to make it very accessible and avoid pretentiousness and being saved only for special occasions. Sainsbury’s seem to be very aware that the world of premium own label has moved on from using the same simple semiotic codes we see elsewhere. We’re in a world where consumers expect every product to deliver regardless of the price point, so being premium is much more than trying to be luxury. I’m just not sure they’ve nailed it with this range.”

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